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Sending mail

You can send letters and photos. Packages like magazines and books and food must be sent directly from approved suppliers. Please keep in mind all mail is opened and searched prior to delivery and it must contain the person’s DOC number.

Send to:
DOC Number
Allegheny County Jail
950 Second Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

What you can send to someone in jail.

Getting someone money in the Jail

Family and friends can deposit money into their loved one’s account, and an inmate can send funds from the account to family or an attorney. Remaining funds will be returned upon release. You’ll have to be on the visiting list or be listed as an emergency contact to send funds.

You can:

  • Deposit funds in-person using the kiosks in the Jail lobby
  • Send a money order through the mail. Write the person’s DOC number on the money order (if it’s over $100, it’ll be placed on 10-day hold)
  • Place funds by calling 1-866-345-1884, or through Access Corrections

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