Immediate substance use resources

Start with PA Get HELP NOW

24/7-Hotline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Walk-in: Pathway to Care and Recovery, 326 Third Avenue, Pittsburgh Pa 15222. A mobile response team can also come to you.

You’ll talk to someone who has been where you are. Then you’ll decide the next best step.

resolve Crisis Network

1-888-796-8226 (1-888-7 YOU CAN)
Or visit 333 North Braddock Ave., Point Breeze
Phones answered 24/7 and walk-ins accepted 24/7.

Treatment Options

Use the DHS Office of Behavioral Health Where to Call directory to find information about appropriate service/treatment agencies.

According to PA Act 53, parents or legal guardians may request involuntary drug and alcohol treatment for minors. For more information, email

Some supports are only available to specific individuals. If you’re a young or older adult, a veteran, an immigrant or identify as LGBTQIA+, look for these lightbulbs throughout the site.



Young Adults

Do you suspect that a teenager or young adult you know is using illegal substances or abusing prescription medications or alcohol?

To start intervention or treatment services you can start with contacting the student’s

  • school nurse,
  • school psychologist, or
  • school counselor

Ask about the school’s student assistance program (SAP) or if there is a drug and alcohol consultant for the program.